Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My 1st Blog.

uhh. Hola. This is my first blog.. EVER! uhhh... kinda don't knwo what to write about. I guess I made this just to vent on my daily bullcrap, which are most of the time, just plain ol' boring but I'd be soooo impressed if someone was interestingin reading about my non-livelyness life.

SO, right now, im in school waiting for one of my classes to start. ehhh, school is GAY! [no pun intended]. I just ate a Big Mac meal thinking i would get energy, cuz im tired as HELL! but a little birdie toldme it doesnt work. So, i guess the purpose of McDonalds is to try to kill you with all the sugars they have in their crap. It satified my appetite tho. ^-^

OH YEAH. Something i'm excited about. I saw Juno yesterday. Man, I wish she was my friend. Homegirl is the truth. I liked the movie, well... he first half hour. After that, i fell asleep. Not cause it was boring, cause teenage pregnancy NEVER gets old but I was tired. Kinda mad at myself for that one.

I need lotion... and a job... and a manicure... and friends at my school cause this is str8 boring.

well thats it for now. Maybe i'll come back and make another blog, or I'm just gonna forget my password. BWAHAHAHA! =]